Interdisciplinary Research

The seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while pursuing precise targets, are nonetheless also indivisible. For their realization, they require both interdisciplinary and international research that can be translated into practice, and the strict application of universal human rights principles that will dismantle social, historical, and structural injustices in all corners of the globe. Universities have a critical role to play in this agenda for global transformation, and IUPUI is actively involved in promoting interdisciplinary scholarly networks to address a number of major global challenges. We are also prioritizing the development of cutting-edge curriculum relating to the SDGs, and engaging the central Indiana community on issues of sustainability.  

Fifty-six research centers at IUPUI allow researchers from across the disciplines to collaborate in pursuit of important questions and ideas, with the ultimate goal of making our city, state, and the world, a better and more just place. These interdisciplinary research centers include, for example, the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute, the Business Sustainability Lab, the Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy, the IUPUI Center for Transforming Research into Practice, and the IU Center for Global Health. View a full list of IUPUI’s research centers on this webpage.