Teaching and Learning

IUPUI offers various opportunities for students to engage with the SDGs and the global and local challenges that are outlined within them. From degrees that are specifically designed to promote sustainable development understanding and solutions to faculty who explore how specific regions and professions are grappling with these global issues in hundreds of courses, students at IUPUI have the chance to actively engage in advancing the SDGs and to contributing to making the world more sustainable for generations to come. 

The SDGs in Freshman Year Seminars (FYS)

In 2020, IUPUI received a grant through the U.S. Department of Education’s Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Programs to integrate global learning perspectives into IUPUI’s Freshman Year Seminars. FYS faculty, as well as faculty from Ivy Tech Community College, have been engaged in faculty development workshops to help them teach their FYS in more intentionally global ways. These workshops have also introduced these dedicated faculty to the SDGs and helped them use the SDGs to encourage global mindsets and foster local and global senses of responsibility among incoming students. By the end of this three-year grant, there will be dozens of FYS courses that will be introducing new Jaguars to the SDGs and helping students acquire global skillsets.